IoT Australasia Temp Sensor

IoT Australasia Temp Sensor


IoT Australasia have introduced an affordable, wireless temperature monitoring solution, which also takes regular hot & cold readings to meet the food safety standards. These updates can easily downloaded from a mobile phone or computer.

Note: An additional monitoring cost of $40 p.a. applies to this purchase.

Compact, LoRaWAN 1.1 compliant, 868MHz, battery powered,
automatic temperature monitor with ‘Automatic Alert’ feature. Ideal
for use in temperature critical situations in with optional mulitiple
internal and external temperature sensors.

98 in stock (can be backordered)



Functionality: Variable Min, Max, Average report intervals, Automatic variable threshold alerting.
Power supply: CR1/2 AA Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery (not included)
Battery life: 12-18 months (typical; 1 x per hour reporting)
Temp Range: -40⁰C to + 60⁰C
Temp Indication: Temperature indication in steps of 0,1⁰C (+/- 0,3 ⁰C accuracy)
Antenna: Integrated 3,9 Db
Chipset: Semtech SX1272, LoRa 868MHz
Processor: Microchip Pic16FXXX
Sensor: 1 x Internal or 1 x Internal + 1 x external or 2 x external
Water resistance: IP67
Dimensions: 50 x 52 x 35 mm, weight: 75gr
Temp. alert threshold: Programmable in steps of 0,1⁰C
Controls: Dashboard on International Clickey Cloud Portal (ICCP)
Certifications: CE, Int. LoRa Alliance Certification: Pending
Portal Data storage: 3 months rolling, CSV-file download, Temperature graphs.