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IoT Australasia role: Operations & Supply Chain Management 

In 2009, Troy Haines and Damian Zammit were both volunteering with the Cairns Youth Mentoring Scheme. They soon stuck a chord, and devised a strategy to build a global, innovative business to support new ideas being successfully commercialised.

The key focus then and now is to support emerging entrepreneurs. In essence, build an innovation hub and replicable digital process that brings people together to collaborate and create highly scalable global businesses.

As a result we now connect young emerging entrepreneurs with the leaders of our business community. It is our plan to facilitate the successful development of hundreds of new Startups, which will be born from these new relationships.

Why theSPACE exists

Identifying the significant brain drain occurring across regional Australia (which is severely impacting the economic performance of regional centres), theSPACE quickly sought the best people across the region to set about developing a startup and innovation ecosystem that could stand along side the best in the world.

We recognise that many businesses need and want to innovate, but they do not have the time, money or expertise.

By collaborating with key stakeholders, entrepreneurs, professional service providers, research centres, educational intuitions, and all levels of government, we are committed to building globally successful businesses. We are equally committed to the successful development of Australian entrepreneurs, particularly those wishing to operate from regional centres.

We focus on “Lean” mythologies, ensuring that clients are able to quickly test ideas, using market feedback to validate their concepts or alternatively pivot to meet customer needs.

We have a saying… “It takes a village to raise a startup”

In November 2014, Troy Haines & Damian Zammit were acknowledged by the QLD State Government as "Innovation Champions" and added to the Wall of Fame

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