Temperature monitoring

Temperature monitoring

Does your business carry expensive stock or produce that is vulnerable in times of power outages or mechanical failure?

Business is stressful enough without having to manage easily avoidable problems. So why not make your life easier?

IoT Australasia’s affordable temperature monitoring solutions can:

  • provide you with LIVE updates
  • easily sync to a mobile device or monitoring station.

IoT hardware and software solutions include:

  • Alerts to notify you of any power irregularities, which could indicate a pending mechanical failure.
  • Alerts sent automatically to a service provider of your choice.
  • Automate a back-up generator when a power failure has been identified.
  • Periodic or continual live status updates.

Now that IoT Australasia have made these solutions so easy for your business, the only question you need to ask is...

Can you really afford not to have your valuable stock monitored 24/7?

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