New technology helps restaurants to easily monitor food temperatures

Media release: IoT Australasia
New technology helps restaurants to easily monitor food temperatures

Losing a thousand dollars worth of stock can be devastating for a small café or restaurant.
Andrea Tunjic – owner of Pizza Capers in Brinsmead – was talking to the team at IoT Australasia about a brief power outage that cost her over $3,000. “When power failures happen after hours, we’ve end up throwing out potentially good food because we are not completely confident that it’s been kept at the right temperature. The wastage costs are huge, not to mention the disruption to our business. The IoT Australasia temperature sensor will be an excellent way to keep an eye on and record food safety in our business” Subsequent to speaking to several restaurant owners, the team at IoT Australasia have introduced an affordable, wireless temperature monitoring solution, which also takes regular hot & cold readings to meet the food safety standards. Damian Zammit of IoT Australasia said, “We really want to assist business owners wherever we can. By automating the process of checking and recording temperatures, we can free up some time and reduce stress. We can also provides a level of reassurance when owners are away from their business, to remotely monitor stock temperatures.”

The product is set to launch in Cairns on the 27th April for just $249 (plus a $40 p.a. monitoring fee). A pre-launch special of $199 is available now, with Cairns Chamber  of Commerce members receiving an additional $30 discount.
For more information visit or call Damian Zammit on
0448 804 696.Temp Monitor 2017

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