Matt Ritchie

IoT Australasia role: Founder & Chief Technical Officer

IoT Australasia’s Matthew Ritchie has over 2 decades experience pioneering new technology and bringing it to market.  

As an early adopter he starting programming and electronics from the age of 10. He has also championed the Internet and open source solutions since 1994.  He has extensive experience in assisting more traditional and dynamic industries to adopt new technologies.

Matthew has spent the last 4 years researching and developing IoT solutions, bringing some of the first commercial IoT products to market in 2015.  

He has a wealth experience in integrating; ICT, automation & control, I.T, remote telemetry, health & safety sensors, location tracking, security alarms, fire detection, gas detection, thermal sensing, food safety, access control, surveillance systems, building management systems, security analysis, and protecting the Australian Defence Force.

As a result of Matt's diverse background, he is called upon to pioneer new macro-economic solutions in health, agriculture, mining and tourism industries. Currently he is implementing a multi-faceted water quality management solution for The Great Barrier Reef. 

Coming from a rural background Matt is a natural problem solver and has a deep respect for remote and regional communities.

Matthew believes that IoT will connect people to their physical world beyond what the telephone and Internet connected everyone to each other.

Innovating regional and remote areas through extensive industry and community engagement is the focus of his new partnership in IoT Australasia.

"I connect the world to it's inhabitants, removing the tyranny of distance" Matthew Ritchie.

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