Core Solutions

  • Smart Smoke Alarms

    Smart Smoke Alarms

    Smart Smoke AlarmsĀ  Be compliant and keep your tenants safe! New Smoke Alarm Legislation (Source documents) Fire and Emergency Services…

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  • Temperature monitoring

    Temperature monitoring

    Temperature monitoring Does your business carry expensive stock or produce that is vulnerable in times of power outages or mechanical…

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  • Mining solutions

    Mining solutions

    Mining Solutions The Internet of Things can provide an extremely cost effective solution for remote or industrial site asset tracking,…

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  • Smart city

    Smart city

    Smart Cities Efficient waste management, facilities & amenities monitoring, smart lighting, traffic control, parking management, Emergency Services communications, location specific…

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  • Smart security & automation

    Smart security & automation

    Smart security & automation Secure data transfer, secure connectivity, personal security, smart homes, industrial IoT solutions, machinery safety controls &…

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  • Health care monitoring

    Health care monitoring

    Health care monitoring Remote health monitoring, carer personal alarms, emergency worker stress level monitoring, animal health, vital signs monitoring, fall…

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  • Inventory monitoring

    Inventory monitoring

    Inventory monitoring Asset location tracking, condition monitoring, energy management, alarms & status, remote control & automation, supply chain & logistics,…

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  • Environmental monitoring

    Environmental monitoring

    Environmental monitoring Water quality, temperature, micro-weather, soil conditions, atmospheric conditions, noise monitoring, roadways & flood management, disaster management & communications.

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  • Ag-Tech


    Ag-Tech Remote communication, tank levels, feed levels, livestock movements & vitals and measurements, gate monitoring, equipment tracking, machinery status &…

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