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How the Internet of Things works…


There are many technical answers to this question. At IoT Australasia we want to bring the Internet of Things to everyone, so lets start with a simple definition of what IoT actually is!

1) THING: It all starts with a device or THING. Lets use a fridge as an example here.
2) INTELLIGENCE: Give this thing some INTELLIGENCE. Consider your fridge alarm sounding when the door is left open.
3) CONNECTIVITY: Now lets connect this INTELLIGENT THING to a network. Consider this intelligence being connected to a wireless network, where it can “talk” to people and other devices.
4) USER interaction. An alarm notification is sent immediately to a user’s mobile phone (or watch), where the user can “talk” back to the device.


What if you owned a restaurant or pharmacy that held thousands of dollars in stock?
How valuable would it be to receive a message whenever the temperature increases above the normal operating level?
What if you could be notified the minute your fridge was demonstrating some inconstant power usages that might indicate a pending breakdown?

What if you owned a boat and you could receive an instant message once the water levels in the hull increased?

What if whilst driving, you could receive instant data on the water levels at a upcoming river crossing?

What if you could be instantly notified when a road closure occurred, even though you were hours away?

Do have loved ones with health issues that live alone? What if you AND their doctor could instantly view their vital signs and be alerted to serious conditions?

These are just a few examples of how the Internet of Things can make life easier for you and your community.